Tom Cruise: Movie Star’s Ex-Racing Car Nissan 300ZX Is Now For Sale

Tom Cruise is one of the most watched actors in the big screen with his long career starting 41 years ago during the film Endless Love. Since then he’s played countless roles from the iconic Jack Reacher to Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt and, more recently, reprised the role of Maverick in 2022’s Top Gun sequel.

But outside of his silver screen successes, he has plenty of other talents. He’s known to perform all of his own stunts, and has countless licenses that allows him to fly planes, pilot helicopters, even race cars with F1 driver David Coulthard himself being impressed by the American actor when he accompanied him in Red Bull’s F1 car a few years back. Cruise was able to hit a top speed of 181mph, just 4mph off of the F1 driver’s top speed.

With all of this adrenaline flowing through is body, it’s no surprise that he owns his own racing car, with him actually racing in the ’80s. Driving a 1984  Nissan 300ZX for Paul Newman and Bob Sharp’s racing team in 1988, he took part in several Sports Car Club of America races.

Nowadays, it’s been a long time since Cruise raced professionally, but the Nissan is now for sale on Bring a Trailer after being kept in a scrap yard for several years before the most recent owner bought it.

Unfortunately, it was repainted in 2006, but while it may have lost the livery Cruise raced it with, it’s still looking incredible on 15″ allow wheels and a blue, red, white and yellow racing livery that reminds me a little of the famous Martini style. The owner admits that corrosion is starting to take a hold of the car, with a little being seen on the driver-side rocker panel.

Underneath, the car looks spotless, with it looking like it’s recently been treated with anti-corrosion products. And equally as impressive is the 3.0-litre V6 that sits under the bonnet. This has had work done on it by Jim Wolf Technologies camshafts,and HKS has upgraded the exhaust and ignition systems of the car so there will be plenty of noise as you climb up the 5-speed manual gearbox.

Inside sit racing bucket seats with racing, multi-point harnesses and while you’d expect it to be stripped out, the interior is intact and looks in great quality. Of course, this isn’t surprising when you learn that the car has only been driven 5,100 miles.

Currently, the highest bid sits at $6,700 with 5 days left, so if you’re in the market for a piece of movie and racing history, this is the time to pounce.

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