Eric Claption’s Gorgeous Ferrari 599 F1 Is Up For Sale

Eric Clapton may be known for his gorgeous rock and blues guitar playing, but behind the amps and Fender guitars, he has quite the car collection, too. Now, he’s slowly starting to sell off his exquisite collection, with his Lamborghini Superleggera already pulling in a tasty £125,000. Now, his Ferrari GTB Fiorano F1 is making the rounds on Auto Trader for just £89,900 from the prestce London-based dealer, GVE London.

It’s unknown just how many Ferraris Clapton has owned over the years, but it’s believed the guitarist has worn the keys of at least ten during has long career. These prancing horses have been the inspiration to some of his songs, and some were even given to him by other rock and roll legends such as George Harrison from The Beatles.

Clapton has also been a customer to Ferrari’s custom shop, reportedly buying an one-off car for around £3 million. If you know Ferrari, then you’ll know that getting into the exclusive custom shop club is very difficult. Collecting double figures of its cars has certainly sweetened the deal between Clapton and the Italian car company.The 599 currently being sold is in perfect condition with no expense spared by the guitarist who knows how to look after his Ferraris. But for almost £90,000, what are you getting for your money?

Unsurprisingly, this car is full of personal touches for Clapton, including yellow brake calipers, carbon ceramic brakes if you fancy some track time, and a sound system worthy of a rock god from BOSE HiFi. Inside you’re surrounded by weaves of carbon fibre, Castoror Light Brown leather that looks great against the Nero Daytona Black paint of the car, and plenty of modern touches such as electric seats and an electrochromatic interior mirror.

Despite being a little older, the 599 F1 boasts impressive performance thanks to its 6-litre V12 engine – a dying breed if there ever was one – that produces 612 horsepower. This powerplant is able to propel it to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds and, if you keep your foot to the floor, eventually 205mph. If you fancy trying your luck with Clapton’s Ferrari 599, head over to Auto Trader to check it out in all its glory. And if you do become the lucky owner, make sure to blast some Sunshine of Your Love for me.

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